Message from MD

Karan Thapa
Karan Thapa MD

With growing demands and desires of having international degrees and global recognition, students of Nepal have felt the necessities of cross-cultural learning environment. Each year thousands of students opt for higher education in various reputed universities. These students need appropriate counselling and stepwise guidance. Realizing this fact, we decided to register an institution and hence the name “Tsubasa Consultant.” Today, the popularity of Tsubasa has encouraged us to excel in the services we bestow to our students. Being honest and decent in the task we cater has become our strongest asset in the education field. With flogging number of students each year for either counselling or general enquiry, we have always felt the need to organize various seminars, workshops and programs. And, hence, each year we organize various programs solely designed to merit the students. This is one of our strongest wealth as per the feedbacks provided by the students.

Initially, the race was a tough one and for a brief moment, we almost decided to shut down our services. But, with patience and perseverance comes the might, likewise it took a year and half year to catch the pace. Once we did, we decided never to turn back. We did realize that every turns and swirls was a good teacher. We learnt our mistakes and also studied more on how we could be best on what we do. And, here, today, we stand with thousands of students relying on our services.

Every year hundreds of students come for preparation classes and we have been highly successful in providing them qualitative one. Above all, the VISA processing has a high success rate. This is because we search each candidate a deserving college and university and thus finding a placement has never been a difficult task. We have realized that “WE ARE WHAT WE DO AND SERVE.” And, by far, we have achieved trust and faith of hundreds of students and their parents. 

Our strength has become trust of hundreds of students. Achieving this was never a cake walk and we are ready for the upcoming hurdles and deal with it the same way we have been doing- patience and perseverance. Also, when we see ourselves from the day of registration, we are delighted in the services we provided and shall be henceforth. Services like financial supports, major and minor documentation, step wise guide right from filling in the enquiry form to until their destination.

Proper management of the infrastructure has become greatest achievement for us at present. We have realized, in the nick of time, the necessity for the implementation of latest strategy in educational organizations. We have become successful to address the growing interest of students towards the well-equipped infrastructure. Students, here, never feel like making complaints since they are provided each and every facility of the Modern world i.e. computer lab with internet access, advanced library full of latest books and journals, liberal class environment and proper guidance from the teachers.